Thursday, February 3, 2011


While I would like to keep my naive knowledge of a Blizzard limited to the one that you eat with cookie dough from Dairy Queen - I am no longer able to hide my head in the snow - so to speak....

My cousin lives downtown and she ventured out in this to take this cool picture, which is worth 1,000 words:

Here is Lakeshore Drive, with hundrends of stranded cars:

And here we are at Casa de Snow:

To give some perspective:

And a fun before and after:

We are warm and cozy inside, staying as far away as possible from that -14 outside. I bought up some paint when I heard the storm was coming so I could get started on the guest room, but I have been snow busy I haven't had a chance!

Stay warm out there!


  1. Amazing! I love the photo of the "Bean". It is one of my favorite Chicago landmarks. This has been an interesting winter, that's for sure. Love the before and after shots of the sitting area.

    Stay warm.

  2. This post made me giggle!! I'm pretty sure you're breaking child labor laws everywhere by making Claire do all that work! Stay warm and the before and after shots are amazingly different. I'd prefer the first shot when we visit this summer.

  3. Whoa! That Lakeshore Drive picture is amazing! I can't believe how many cars got stuck there!

  4. I enjoyed the pretty pics. The invitation to come down to warmer temps still stands. Your MIL