Saturday, June 4, 2011

Artsy Schmartsy...

Well, only two of us liked my artwork, so I took it back for fear of having buyers remorse as soon as the returnable time period was up. And I must say that when I got home from the return and sat in the room, it was much calmer. I think "Beat Box" was just too much of a slap in the face for my little room.

So I have been looking for something to replace it.

Here is what Emily suggested:

Close this window
I found these on overstock:

Jane Bellows 'Submit' Oversized Canvas Art Set

Caroline Ashton 'Bird & Cage' Oversized Canvas Art Set


Any favorites?  Of course my mother recommends letting the kids go crazy with paint on a canvas....

Or should I change focus and go towards a grided gallery wall like this:

living rooms - white faux bamboo chandelier white tufted sofa botanical gallery wall art photo gallery gray bergere chair gray blue linen bench living room

Suzie:  Atlanta Showhouse via Traditional House!  Robert Brown Interior Design & Colleen Duffley ...

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Girl and a Window Seat...

Here is the Girly Girl's room when we looked at the house:

At first glance I thought no way would this periwinkle blue color work, but after we moved her things in, the pink bedding made the walls look lavender - and that can work with pink, right? Very princessy. But after living with it for a while, it just isn't working. And the wood trim just really has to go.

But before we do all the painting (or beg and plead to hire someone to do more painting), we want to make her the window seat she has been wanting for a long time. She has the perfect little inset window, just begging for place to snuggle up with a blanket and a good book and watch it rain outside.

Are you wondering if the first thing I did in this room was to rip down the balloon vallances stuffed wtih paper? Yes! It was!

But the question is, what to do with the rest of the wall after the window seat? Should we make built-in bookshelves? Or a built-in bookcase/desk combo? Will she use a desk in her room? I have heard lots of people say that their kids don't do homework alone in their room. She really needs to storage for books, trophies and other things she likes to have out - but I would save space by putting a desk here rather than on another wall in her room.

What do you think?

Here are some of my inspiration pictures for the wall-to-be...


Desk 1
I think this one is my favorite, with a combination of covered storage and open. And this is about the amount of space we have to work with.

Desk 2
This one is so pretty with the arches.

Desk 3
Perfect plan with the window seat already in place.

Desk 4

Desk 5
This is really pretty.

Desk 6

Window Seat:

Seat 1
Love these drawers for additional storage, but how hard would this be!? And I love all that molding with the chair rail...

Seat 2
This is different with the bookshelves inside the window seat...

Seat 3
Simple and easy.

Seat 4
Plenty of room for books, but maybe not with my 8 foot ceilings...

Seat 5
More simple and easy.

Any favorites?