Friday, February 4, 2011


I think I have found the best arrangement for the Living Room. I'm not over the moon about it, but it is the only one that makes sense. I did have a bit of an epiphany that might just balance out the room. What about two bookcases on either side of the doorway to the dining room? It might balance all the black abyss Big Bertha has to offer.

What do you think?

I thought that I need something with decorative cutout sides to keep it a little airier than solid black. And it would give a little more interest for the eye. I found the perfect bookcases at Costco, but I went today to get a second look and they were all gone. Then I found these online:

Bourdonnais Bookcase
A mere $649 from Ballard Designs, I did think for a minute how I was going to talk Ryan into letting me spend $1300 on bookcases for a room we rarely sit in - but then I came to my senses.

Linon - 86103C124-AB-KD-U - Anna 5-Shelf Bookcase
A little better, $250 from CSN - but does it have enough finesse?

Wayborn - 5415-4 - Baron 60" H Four Shelf Book Stand in Black

Hmmm - a bit more whimsical? $240 from CSN, and free shipping! I think I like the open back look.

Any opinions? No bookcases? Any favorites here?


  1. Liz great job. =] I agree open back is better. =] Can't wait to see it when you're finished. =]

  2. One can never have enough bookcases!! I'm anxious to see what you end up doing.

  3. Add some trim to the top of the $250 bookcase. It then becomes the winner.

    I would swap the couch and the slipper chairs. The piano overwhelms the couch and makes the room visually lopsided. The couch/piano combo looks too scrunched together. The lighter looking slipper chairs would be a better balance for the piano.

    I think you're almost there. :)

  4. I agree Liz - I like the idea of black bookcases to balance the piano. I also like the more open ones, I'd go with the cheaper ones and they look very similar to the Ballard ones.

  5. I think the black bookcase looks great.My favorite is the open back. Great Blog!

  6. what a great find on csn!! love those bookcases!