Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wash That Gray Right Onto The Wall!

One of the reasons we chose this house was because of the downstairs bedroom and full bath. We both have grandmothers that can't navigate the stairs - so this is a great choice! It was a bit thrown together for a visit, and has been neglected since then.
I've had some trouble deciding on a color scheme, but I have finally decided!

Here are some of my inspiration pics:

Designer Samantha Pynn Photo Virginia Macdonald

I LOVE this pom pom fringe! I think I might have to make it work somehow in this room.

I am working on putting it together and need to pick a wall paint! Any gray suggestions?


  1. I love your design plan and I especially love the rug you chose. It will really ground the room and add some warmth to the cool tones. As far as grays go, I don't have any suggestions but I would probably stay on the lighter end.

  2. HI: I saw your comment on PK's blog re. the gray and thought I would stop over here! Take a look at my blog and all the doings in our new house (we've been here just over a month!). After several months of color splotches all over the walls, we decided on BM "Pale Oak". It is perfect! And paired with a pale yellow it's even better! Chrome, black, splash of citrine or orange...and it's heavenly. Anyway, just a suggestion!

  3. It's amazing I had no clue about all this until the moment I read this blog entry of yours. Also I would like to know one thing. Do you happen to know how to protect your intellectual property from being used without your awareness about it?