Monday, December 20, 2010

The entry is coming along...

Here is my new light! Freshly installed, dangling. and sparkly!

After much discussion and many returns to Home Goods, here is the vignette I finally decided on for my entry hall table:

This apothecary jar is full of sand and shells from the trip I took recently with my mom and sister to Sanibel island. This was a special trip, so it needed a special place in the house.

I am however needing opinions on a few other options for the area - it seems like it is taking me forever on this area that is the smallest square footage in the house. But it is the entry! Your first impression, your first glimpse of what is to come. It might be coming a few years later - but it is still coming!

No. 1: The rug
I bought this rug at Steinmart when we moved into our first house in Tennessee. It has been our entry rug in all four houses we have lived in. I still like it, surprisingly enough, and even more surprising, it has fit perfectly in every house. But I might need to spruce it up a bit, mix up the style to give it that "collected over time" feel. What do you think?

I tried this rug, and when it came in the mail it was Cheapo McCheaperson, so it went right back:

Here is the rug I might want to replace it with:

Surya Frontier 18 Houndstooth Contemporary Rug - FT-18

I would love to have this rug by my BFF Nate Berkus, but they don't have it available in this color anymore:

Or this one from West Elm might work, but I can't decide if I like the little touch of red:

Room View

No. 2: The lighting
The hub was finally home during daylight hours this weeked (kind of sad for him to think that in two weeks time he was never home while it was light outside), so he could turn off the electricity to put in my new light. There is a spot in the front of the hallway for a light, and one in the back of the hallway. I need two of the fancy dancy chandelier? Or should we convert the boobie light in the back of the hallway to a recessed can that you probably wouldn't even notice? Opinions?

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  1. I like the rug you have much better than the other options. As for the light - I would definitely get a second fancy chandy. It will unite two spaces (foyer and hallway) and make them feel like one spacious area rather than a nice foyer followed by a lovely pass-through to the kitchen.

    Great narrow chest by the way... perfect scale for that space.

  2. Beautiful entry..and I love the houndstooth rug!

  3. Wow! It looks gorgeous so far. I'd say it makes a great first impression. Those mirrors are amazing! Were they from Home Goods too??

  4. Love all of it Liz, and I like your existing rug the best. I would just keep the boob lamp (we have the same fixtures and thanks to you, all I see now are boobs all over my ceilings! ha)but I really love the fancy fixture in the entry!

  5. LOVE the chandy! And the pic w/ the view back to the kitchen makes me want to see more! I too like your current rug best. It looks more "collected", where the others look more trendy. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments and opinions ladies! Kim - the mirrors are from Marshall's. I couldn't find any I liked as well on my 25 trips to HG!

  7. I like your existing rug best. The others are too trendy and don't seem to fit the style of the house.

    Keep the boob light, but paint it to match the dark shade of the chandy. The boob light does not compete with the first chandy. A second chandy would take attention away from the first chandy.

    Love your existing rug.

  8. I really like the black + white rug idea. It adds a touch of contrast to the rest of the more traditional style of the entryway. Very Nate Berkus-y! And thanks for becoming my newest follower! Love having new ideas + input as we go along with our ugly duck. Hope you stop by often.

  9. The paint color in your entry is so warm and inviting, and I really like your new light fixture. As far as an opinion on the rug - I like the idea of mixing it up a bit with a graphic rug. As Sarah says - "very Nate Berkusy-y!" :-)

    Thanks for linking to the party! Have a good weekend...

  10. Love the new light fixture. Wonderful paint color, too.

  11. I love that fixture! It looks great! Question--where did you get the mirrors above the dresser?

  12. Can I please have the color on the walls in this foyer? Thank you and wonderful job! (:

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