Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Horizontal Striped Curtains Are All the Rage...

and now I have some too!!!

My in-laws just went home after a whirlwind of projects - so I will have a lot to share now! 

My favorite finished project is my new curtains in the family room.  I have quite a story about these! 

I have ALWAYS loved The Nester's curtains:

And then when I saw these on A Thoughtful Place:


I knew I needed some!  And I wouldn't mind having her light fixture over the table too.

For a long time people asked The Nester - "Where did you find the fabric!?".  Much to every one's disappointment, the fabric was long gone from the Carolina fabric shop where she originally purchased the fabric.  Well...one morning while scrolling through blogland, I saw her announcement that the store found one more bolt of the fabric!  I called immediately - and I was 8th in line for a cut of it!  She said she would call me back after she finished with #7 - of there was any left....  a long 35 minutes later, she called me and in an oh so sweet southern drawl that I dearly miss - said "Now...what exactly are you going to DO with this fabric?".  I explained my plan of how we would turn it and piece it to be two horizontal striped panels.  They only had two pieces left of it, about 4 yards each piece, but there were runs and flaws in three places throughout the fabric - oh no!  But she thought I could do it!  When she offered it at 1/2 price, what did I have to lose!?

After I sat on the fabric for a while, didn't use it in the kitchen, mulled it over - I thought, why not try it in the family room?  I could go with a more neutral palate in there, with soft browns and greens?  So Martha the Window Treatment Whisperer and I got to work.  She did the math and we sewed away!  I even sewed a bit on these too.  I LOVE the finished product!  It warms up the room so much! 

What do you think?

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  1. I love it!! If finishes off that room really well. Can't wait to see everything you got done. I'm more than surprised you sewed on this one, must have been a big favor!

  2. They look beautiful and so professional. I am waiting on someone like your Martha to show up at my house. So far no luck!! Lori L

  3. Those look great! I love the wide stripes. I always loved Nester's panels too. You were so lucky you found some of it and half price is even better!

  4. Delicious! How about we trade food for you sewing? :-) So glad you found my blog. Happy new follower, hope you follow me back.

  5. beautiful!!! we're rennovating our house right now too, it's stuck in the 1960s. one room at a time, takes forever!

  6. I agree!! They are absolutely all the rage! I have been pondering over these for a while now and even referenced the ones from Courtney at "A Thoughtful Place". I've saved the pic from The Nester as well among some other's I've found on other blogs. I was maybe going to try them for the dining room, but there are quite a few windows in there, so I might try to do these in our study now. Yours turned out beautiful!! I just saw your blog today, and wow, your house is stunning!!

  7. Oh my goodness. They are simply stunning! So glad I found your blog after drooling over the before and after pictures on A Thoughtful Place. What a gorgeous, gorgeous house!