Monday, October 18, 2010

Is it still DIY if your Father-In-Law does it for you?

At our house this week we had our own version of "While You Were Out". While I was gone on my most relaxing trip to Florida with mom and sis, my husband and in-laws were hard at work here. They wouldn't send me a peek, they made me wait for the big reveal moment when I got home, and it was so amazing!!

Here is the room when we looked at the house, previous owners furnishings included:
(The cutie pie on the couch was included in the sale.)

Here it is empty:
(Hard to tell from the pics that the ceiling panels are painted alternating colors of green, a purply cranberry, and beige - eww!)

Here is is before I left:
(Notice the presence of the weird little kneewall that really serves no purpose except to close up this lovely room.)

And here is what I came home to:

Isn't she lovely!? Not nearly complete - but oh so lovely! My tall hubby still need to finish painting the ceiling and beams, and new furniture and furnitire arrangement are in this rooms future, for sure - but I LOVE the new built-ins. And all the white makes this room seem so light and lofty. I think my FIL logged over 80 hours working on these, a huge thanks to my MIL (the gopher,painter, and design consultant) and FIL!


  1. Huge difference! SO much brighter! Hopefully I will get to see it in person before too long! :). It's beautiful!

  2. Love it!!!! Looks very homey and comfortable along w/current!

  3. That came out great! Wish that would happen for me when I go on vacation ;)

  4. **GASP**

    Oh my, what a HUGE improvement. Excellent!!!
    I have to start following your blog so I can see everything you do from now on. Amazing.


  5. what a fantastic change..lovin it

  6. That is amazing! Can I borrow your FIL? He did a lot of work and it really shows. What white did you use? Just brightens up the room so well.

  7. How did they cover all the brown wood? I have a similar issue in my current home and would love to paint, but want to make sure I do it the correct way. We have the wood trim throughout our hallway and den as well as the doors. There is a high gloss finish and I'm ready to paint.

  8. Thanks ladies! mamamagnolia - we used an Adhesion Primer from Sherwin Williams - it would make anything stick to anything! And then we used Sherwin Williams latex enamel paint in Pure White, it is a mixed color, not just straight from the can. I am in the process of painting all the trim in our house and I am using that on everything. I am happy with how it looks, I just wish someone else was doing it! Where's that FIL??

  9. Wow! That is stunning! I love the horse photo on the mantel.