Monday, October 4, 2010

Black Beauty

I had my eye on this black beauty at Pier 1 several months ago when I was still on buying restriction from the hub ( Why would you buy something just to have to move it across the country!? - Because it was on sale!!!) - they since put it on clearance and it was no where to be found. Last week I came across one that was beaten and battered and being used to display stuff. I asked ever so sweetly if they might consider selling it to me, and low and behold!, they had one new in a box. After finding out that it was apparently illegal in the Pier 1 hierarchy to sell it to me, I strong armed gently persuaded the sales lady to sell it to me, and now it is mine! All mine! Now on to finding some chairs....

Choice #1: Black and White Damask cloth, pretty but might make me cringe anytime we have company over for spaghetti, not that I often serve spaghetti to company, butcha' know what I mean.

Choice #2: More durable woven banana leaf.

Choice #3: Another more durable choice, might look like it will give you rope burn to sit down, but actually quite comfortable.

What do you think?



  1. I think the black & white are cool looking but would not match the rest of your decor. I think the last ones would work great and look nicer than the 2nd choice. If we could see pictures of the house, I could make a better choice. I'm expecting pictures when you get back!!

  2. What a score - I've learned it never hurts to ask.

    I like the second two options better than the black and white print.


  3. I just got this table at pier one ....$74!!!!
    it was a display - and the top was ehhh....scratched up, but it was decent...a nice find! Now I too need to find chairs for it!