Saturday, November 6, 2010


I found this great inspiration for my hall entry table from Emily A. Clark, who is a design master mind. I love her style, and I have a very similar table - so as I learned on The Nate Show this week - I am a major copycat designer - "I'll have what she's having...". I think my paint is even similar, but I did that all on my own. Here is her table:

As hard as I tried, I can't find mirrors as similar to these as I would like, so the following are the two choices as close as I could get. And there are also two lamp choices too.

Mirror Option #1: Seems a bit too Asian for my liking, but I do like the visual interest. If I keep these, I might make them a bit more gold.

Mirror Option #2: I love this mirror, but not as interesting as when there is a pattern on top of the mirror.

Lamp Option #2: Love the cork shade on this lamp, but the table is narrow, and so is the first lamp.

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome! I also found out about myself this week that I am a troubled decision maker. I do love an honest opinion...thanks Whitney.


  1. While can appreciate what you're trying to do with the first ones,I really like the 2nd mirror. It is totally your taste. I'm not sure I have an opinion on the lamp other than that I don't love either. They'd both be fine, but I don't love them! Do you have Home Goods...did you check there?

  2. Mirror # 1 and lamp #2. . .can I see those together please? LOL!

  3. I love mirror #1 and lamp #2 as well!

  4. Mirror #1 and lamp #2 have my vote! I am glad I found you and I am now following.
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. Okay, I like them both, but SPILL girl! Tell us where you got those fab mirrors!!! I'll take one of those....

  6. Oh no, and I thought I had decided on mirror #2 and lamp #1! Thanks ladies for all of your opinions! I got both mirrors, as well as the other 5 I didn't post, at HomeGoods - I am a HomeGoods stalker - the trucks come in on Tuesday and Friday.

  7. I just discovered your blog and am so impressed.
    As for your mirrors, why not try to find 2 square mirrors and some brass rings at the craft store. Spray paint and glue them on. That should give you the effect you are looking for. By the way I love the mirrors you are trying to copy and mirror #2