Sunday, January 15, 2012

A January Pool Party!!!

I feel like I have been buried under Christmas, family visits and a special little girl's birthday, and now I am finished!!!  And I can show you all I have been working on!

First up is the birthday.  Claire requested a swim party - which might not be your first thought in Chicago's January weather.  Bear Paddle Swim to the rescue!  So much fun, and really warm water!

Could this little swim princess have just a plain ol' swim party theme - of course not!  She chose mermaids!

Here is the mermaid cake she chose that I labored over for about 3 days....

I have been trying to perfect my fondant for years, but after watching a great You Tube video, I had the most successful attempt thus far! 

Oyster Cookies with a little pearl inside...

Goldfish marshmallow pops...

And we made clothespin mermaid dolls...

(Thanks JV for loaning out your Playmobil boat and beach!)

Here is the cutie pie in front of her dessert table...

(Please note the ruffled crepe paper backdrop that my mother spent hours and hours on, sewing ruffles into yards and yards of crepe paper - thank you Mom, love you!!)

It always amazes me to look at her on her birthday and remember what a miracle she is, born at 2 lbs, 5 oz.  She is truly a gift from God.


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  1. Wow I am impressed. What a beautiful cake. You are one talented mom and so is your mom. The backdrop is adorable!

  2. That cake is incredible. I hope one day Claire will appreciate all your hard work. :)

  3. I love it! She is truly a gift, what a great party you did for her.

  4. oh liz, you totally outdid yourself! i had no idea that all of those recent pins were your own creations! good job, momma!

  5. oh this looked like a fun Birthday!!! Loved all your ideas, Alli has to make a Really Big GAY Birthday Cake for her friend. She might need to call you for a few pointers! hahaha Please give her a Big Birthday hug from me!!

  6. Love those goldfish marshmallow pops :)

  7. What is the and on the marshmallow pops? Love this!!

  8. How did u so the mashmellow pops???

  9. Would love to know how u made the mashmellow pops???

  10. I think the sand must be graham crackers? I am trying this weekend! YEY!


  12. I would like to know how many ruffled crepe paper did you use? I would like to make one for my daughter's party. I have no idea on how much I will need? Did you cover the whole wall or part??Please help!! Thank You!

  13. just found your blog via pinterest- any tips on making the marshmallow pops? i'm doing a beach theme for our daughter's 1st bday party this august!
    thanks so much & God bless!

  14. Couple of days back I was invited to friend’s pool party that was arranged at one of venues in Chicago. Was very happy to visit there and enjoyed a lot. Planning to throw all my loved ones tea party at one of venues in Chicago. It will be really fun.

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