Monday, November 22, 2010

Gallery Wall

Our upstairs hallway needed a little sprucing up. Here it is before we bought the house:

We painted the walls the same color as the entry - Sherwin Williams Pony Tail, and painted all of the trim and doors SW Pure White. I love a good gallery wall, but I haven't had good success getting them to look right on my own. I found this inspiration pic from Martha Stewart:

And here is my attempt:

We just put it up last night, so I haven't decided if it is a keeper yet. Some of the pics are in table top frames, and aren't adapting well to the wall - no matter how much sticky tac I use. This hallway will also be receiving a lovely treatment of "crown molding", and hopefully removal of those lovely boob lights that are all over the house. (No matter how hard I try, I can't see them as anything else!). I haven't decided if I should use a flush mount chandelier in their place, or change the lighting to recessed can lights. Any thoughts?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's Cooking?

In my kitchen, not dinner, but a chalkboard wall and some new paint!

Here is one of my many kitchen inspiration pics:

I love this color, and I had the hardest time finding a blue that didn't look like it belonged in a nursery. I stumbled upon this lovely blue gray that The Nester used in her front living room:

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray - Love it!

Comfort Gray

Here it looks like a gray green blue - but it does look more blue in person.

So today I trimmed the Comfort Gray and worked on my chalkboard wall - all of the above are still works in progress. But I am loving them both, even in the beginning stages - that is a good sign, right?

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I found this great inspiration for my hall entry table from Emily A. Clark, who is a design master mind. I love her style, and I have a very similar table - so as I learned on The Nate Show this week - I am a major copycat designer - "I'll have what she's having...". I think my paint is even similar, but I did that all on my own. Here is her table:

As hard as I tried, I can't find mirrors as similar to these as I would like, so the following are the two choices as close as I could get. And there are also two lamp choices too.

Mirror Option #1: Seems a bit too Asian for my liking, but I do like the visual interest. If I keep these, I might make them a bit more gold.

Mirror Option #2: I love this mirror, but not as interesting as when there is a pattern on top of the mirror.

Lamp Option #2: Love the cork shade on this lamp, but the table is narrow, and so is the first lamp.

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome! I also found out about myself this week that I am a troubled decision maker. I do love an honest opinion...thanks Whitney.